Week end

12 Nov

The fact that I only get vey other week end off is such a bummer. Don’t get me wrong! I love my week end off, maybe a little to much🙂 now I’m looking forward to my week, school and work and maybe some shopping. Shopping always has a way of lifting the spirit up. Maybe it’s just me, but I get a rush from owning something new and wearing it for the first time. As odd as it may sound I grow a sentimental value for every piece of crap that I buy. Call me crazy call me shopaholic but that’s just me:) I still have stupid knots in my stomach from that darn statistics test I took on Thursday and it was just bloody horrible. Hate statistics, I personally think its the most pointless class I have to take for nursing. Oh we’ll I suppose, one more month and I’m off that boat. Good week to you all.

The night shift…

9 Nov

what is it in us human that pushes us into making regrettable decisions? who would possibly be able to answer that question? no one I figure… well, here I am working the night shift (which I voluntarily signed up for ) just about to pull my hair out. Like working 3-11 as a nurse isn’t long enough, I just had to sign up for eight more hours.note my sarcasm here. here I go armed with a large cup of coffee ( with a shot of espresso of course into the wilderness of this overnight stay. I have been contemplating starting a blog over the pass couple of weeks and I just didn’t know how to go about it. I hope this was a good decision… who knows??? anyone knows…  why should  blog, since the web is already over crowded with people displaying their personnel emotion? well, I do not quiet know the answer to that, but my fingers have literally been twitching to free my mind. As for my mind, I can assure that it is on overload. so many things to talk about and so many idea to explore, but one thing at a time.

Working the night shift :)

9 Nov

Working the night shift :)

Hello world!

9 Nov

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Happy blogging!


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